Friday, September 18, 2009


Suminter India Organics is now the first company in India dedicated to organic food to have its own Eco2 system imported form the Netherlands.
Eco2 eliminates existing and potential risks of infestation – using organic methods of course! For more information visit
Not only that, but we are now able to offer steam sterilised products. Steam sterilisation is an organic method that reduces and controls the microbial load of products and prolongs the product shelf life to up to two years. We will have our own steam sterilisation unit up and running by the end of 2009.
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello and welcome to the blogspot of Suminter India Organics.

Here you will find up-to-date news in the development of our company, services and harvest.

First, a brief company background:

SIO is a leading producer, processor, packer and exporter of organic spices, herbs and medicinal plants, cereals, oilseeds and speciality products from India. Founded in 2003, SIO has seen rapid growth and development and now works with over 15,000 farmers across 6 states in India to produce a wide range of high quality, organic produce. We are proud to be simultaneously providing social and environmental benefits to our farming communities.

SIO has invested plenty in the quality of its products. We are the only company in India to own an Eco2 facility imported from the Netherlands. Eco2 uses organic methods to eliminate existing and potential risks of infestation through killing all larvae and the eggs. More information on this system can be found at We are currently in the process of installing our own steam sterilisation unit which will allow us to reduce and control the microbial load of produce through the use of dry steam – another organic method.

Our subsidiary company, SIO BV, is based in the Netherlands. SIO BV imports and warehouses SIO’s products and distributes them across Europe. This allows companies with smaller quantity requirements access to our products without the hassle of importing. Customers can take their goods on a pallet-load basis, thus saving storage space.

We hope you find our updates to be of use and interest to you and / or your company. Please do get in touch for any further information you require – (We check this address daily and will get back to you within 24 hours)

Thanks for your time and interest and we hope you’ll keep checking for the latest SIO updates.

Bye for now!